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Linux's Mumblehard Affected ServersESET Researchers Reveal a Family of Linux Malware Mumblehard That Seems to Send Spam Messages
Garda's Fingers Off the PULSE Garda IT System Suspended Over Insurance Errors Hundreds of thousands of Drivers have been Wrongly Identified
Come to My RescuezNewly Developed ‘Rescuez' Emergency ID Set to Reduce Medical Errors for those Suffering from Serious Medical Conditions
Oxegen iPhone App Keeps BreathingOfficial Oxegen iPhone App in Association with Gives Advice of Staying Safe on the Way Home
Kinesense Streams with Dockland JoyCSI Style' Video Analytics Company Scoops 2010 Docklands Innovation Park Enterprise Awards Title
Start-Ups In 10K Awards BattleBest Investment Proposal Set to Win 10,000 Euro from Docklands Dragons
IPCC Awards Project to Equiniti ICSHello, Hello, Hello! Belfast based Equiniti ICS secures Third Major Police Complaints System
Dissidents Recruiting on InternetFine Gael Claim Dissident Republicans Are Using the Internet to Recruit Members and Spread Hatred
SMS Boost For Emergency Response Inter-Agency Management Office Implement Saadian SMS Technology Recently Used For Communication Surrounding Swine-Flu
Comms Retention of Data Bill 2009 New Bill Compelling Mobile & ISP Companies to Retain Phone, Text & Email Records for Upto 2 Years to Help Fight Crime
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