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DateThursday, November 19, 2009
Author Lashes out Chatter 

Internal Social Network for Users Helps Drive Productivity and Competitiveness has unveiled Salesforce Chatter at its annual user conference Dreamforce which is currently taking place in San Francisco.



Salesforce Chatter is a new secure enterprise collaboration application and social development platform which, the comapny claims, will revolutionize the workplace by leveraging the social networking models made popular by the consumer Web, allowing any company to collaborate in real time with a secure, private social network for their business.



In effect, the company has created a Facebook for the enterprise by combining real-time, familiar social networking features like profiles and feeds, with the enterprise-tested, secure sharing model required by businesses that is the at the foundation of This is going to change the way business thinks about collaboration.



Content, applications and people will now have profiles, feeds and groups, enabling them to be deeply connected. In addition, developers will now be able to use the Salesforce Chatter platform to build social enterprise applications, and all 135,000 native applications will instantly become social.



Launching the new service, Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO of asked, "Why do I know more about strangers on Facebook than my own employees?"


"Now, through Salesforce Chatter, my business is tweeting me. My employees can use the models they love to get the collaboration they need."



Jason Goldman, Product Director at Twitter, said, "Twitter is based on the idea that the open exchange of information has a positive global impact. We see a lot of the same inspiration behind Chatter. We think it will enable employees to find more information, more quickly, from the people and content that matters most to them."


Salesforce Chatter - Real-Time Collaboration with Content, Apps and People
Social computing and social networks have provided consumers with a new way to gain insights into what's happening in the world, when things are taking place and the people they know. Yet enterprise collaboration is almost non-existent because content, apps and people are disconnected and not part of the same conversation.



With Salesforce Chatter, companies will be smarter as content, apps and people join the real-time conversation through a secure, private social network within the enterprise.



Salesforce Chatter will enable companies to securely collaborate in real time with the help of:

Profiles: Just like profiles on popular consumer-oriented social networking sites, Salesforce Chatter profiles include things like contact information, area of expertise, work history and a photo. Profiles will allow employees to quickly identify and connect with colleagues who have the information and expertise they need to get their questions answered, expanding employee networks and increasing productivity.


Status Updates: With status updates, employees will be able to keep everyone informed of what they are working on. Instead of using Intranets or participating in endless email chains, conference calls or meetings, employees can broadcast their latest status with real-time updates in Salesforce Chatter.


Feeds: Salesforce Chatter's feed will stream relevant, real-time status updates, not only from people, but also from content and apps. Content will notify users in the Salesforce Chatter feed when new or updated content is available. Apps will join the conversation by posting when there is a change in status, like when an opportunity closes or a case is escalated in Salesforce CRM. The real-time nature of Salesforce Chatter's feed will ensure that employees are accessing the most current information possible and have the ability to filter results to gain the most insight.


Groups: In business today, people frequently work on a number of teams focused on specific projects or objectives. The groups feature in Salesforce Chatter will allow employees to easily create their own groups within Salesforce Chatter and share updates, content and more, making it easy to collaborate with groups at work.


Social Apps: With Salesforce Chatter, business apps will have the ability to talk to users through Chatter's feed. Relevant updates from the Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Custom Cloud, like a new lead or an alert that inventory is low, will be represented on Chatter's feed. For the first time, enterprise apps will be part of the real-time conversation, and employees will be connected with the information they need to close more deals, satisfy their customers and grow their bottom line.


Social Content: Business content, like documents, spreadsheets and presentations, will be able to alert the entire company when any updates have been made through Salesforce Chatter's feed, just as people are alerted when new photos are posted on popular social networks. With Salesforce Chatter, content will be a part of the enterprise conversation for the first time, adding the context needed to ensure more effective communications and decisions.


Social Sharing Model: When sharing and collaborating on information in an enterprise, it is essential that the right employees have access to the right data. Salesforce Chatter leverages's proven, multi-tenant sharing model, enabling companies to decide which employees have access to what information. Like all products, Salesforce Chatter will run on the company's trusted and secure infrastructure.


Twitter: Salesforce Chatter will enable users to filter the most relevant Twitter feeds into their Chatter app. For example, a user can set-up a Twitter search for a competitor and automatically stream the real-time results into Chatter. The integration will keep users informed in real-time with the most relevant content from Twitter.


Facebook: Employees will be able to pull information from their Facebook profiles to auto populate their Salesforce Chatter profiles.


AppExchange: Now any native app built on the platform can be social, streaming updates to Salesforce Chatter's feed and effectively joining the conversation.


Mobile: As with all apps, Salesforce Chatter will be available on any BlackBerry, Windows Mobile device or iPhone. Companies and their employees will be able to take the conversation with them, regardless of where they are located.

Salesforce Chatter - An Enterprise Social Computing Platform
Just as the Salesforce Chatter app will enable content, apps and people to join the conversation, developers can make any enterprise app social using the Chatter social platform. It includes a rich set of pre-built social components that developers can easily add to new or existing native apps.



The Salesforce Chatter social platform contains a powerful new set of APIs that will enable developers to push data from any app into Chatter feeds. Developers can easily build integrations to pull data from any app, including on-premise software apps, so that any enterprise app can join the conversation.



Developers will also be able to leverage tool kits to bring data from Google Apps, pull Facebook information into their custom apps and filter the most relevant Twitter feeds into their custom apps using the Salesforce Chatter social platform.




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