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Twitter Fails for Irish Sales

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DateWednesday, September 16, 2009

Twitter Fails for Irish Sales

Survey by Irish Social Network and Mobile Operator Reveals Irish Companies Say Twitter is Whaleful For Generating Sales



IGOpeople-Twitter-Fail-Whale.PNGTwo recent suveys by online social network for businesses, IGOpeople, and mobile operator, 3 Ireland, have found Twitter is great for relationship building but not so hot when it comes to generating sales.



The key findings of the surveys highlight that the majority (69%) of Irish companies are using Twitter to build an online community enabling them to develop a greater knowledge of their customers and potential customers, and also create an audience for them to promote company news. According to the IGOpeople respondents, Twitter is most useful as a CRM tool.



However, in terms of bottom line impact of an active Twitter presence, both surveys indicate Twitter is "cool" on business generation. In 3 Ireland's survey 31% of respondents suggested that it had delivered less then €100 whilst 17% indicated a return of between €750 -€1000. A lucky 5% detailed a contribution of €5,000 upwards. Only 14% of respondents of IGOpeople's survey had made sales directly attributed to Twitter and only 3% categorised Twitter as ‘extremely useful' for generating sales.



45% of respondents of IGOpeople's survey also said Tweeting for business was too time consuming. Company staff at all levels are involved in updating and managing their respective Twitter pages with do-it-yourself company Founders / CEO's accounting for 31% (3 Ireland) 48% (IGOpeople), followed by sales and marketing personnel accounting for 14% (3 Ireland) 22% (IGOpeople). As regards frequency of activity over 13% of companies in 3 Ireland's survey detailed that they update their Twitter feed on an hourly basis, with the majority 46.2% updating on average more then once a day.



In IGOpeople's survey, other findings highlighted 38% believing  Twitter is most useful for keeping an eye on what's being said about their own brand or their competitors, 28% believing business tweeting is most useful for making contacts while 26% of respondents see Twitter as an opportunity to converse with new and existing customers. 32% of IGOpeople's business users also believe the microblogging site is most useful as a way to improve relationships with the media.



Meanwhile, 3 Ireland say the over 80% of businesses believe that their ‘followers' are made of up potential customers with 55% stating that this audience is also made up of competitors keeping an close eye on activity.



Commenting on the survey results, IGOpeople's Director of Sales, Denis Connolly said "The media, both online and offline, has been flooded with Twitter ‘positivity' of late, however this survey has thrown some business realities into the mix. Many of our users have found Twitter and social media use in general, to be time consuming and difficult to manage as part of the overall CRM mix."



At the end of September, IGOpeople will launch ‘Twitter CRM Suite' on its website.  The new feature will allow multiple users to manage their company or brand Twitter account, each with their own unique avatar. It will provide an improved search option allowing users to monitor exactly what's being said about them or their brand on Twitter as well as providing a full archive system of previous interactions. Businesses will be able to send Twitter replies of greater than the 140 character limit and will be able to send this reply publicly or privately depending on their preference.


Connolly continued, "IGOpeople intend to develop this CRM model further and by the end of 2009 we are planning to offer our business users a ‘Complete Social Media CRM suite' where multiple company representatives can log on and monitor interaction on Twitter, Facebook and IGOpeople from one easy to use screen."



Welcome news perhaps for Irish companies who, in 3 Ireland's survey, ranked Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn in order of importance to business.



As of March 2009, more then 21,000* Irish Twitter users were registered. 3 Ireland concluded, "One aspect all businesses (97%) could agree on is the growing importance of Twitter for Irish business."




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