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Dell's Solutions For Data Center

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DateTuesday, April 28, 2015
AuthorLeonid Botnarenko

Dell's Solutions For Data Center 

Dell Delivers Open Networking Solutions for Next-Generation Data Centers

Dell Networking has expanded its data centre portfolio with the new Z9100, S4048, and the S3048. The new products announced offer customers complete flexibility to take advantage of open networking environments. Dell Networking (@DellNetworking), has expanded its data centre portfolio with the new Z9100, S4048, and the S3048, giving customers operating system choices with low latency and high density, flexible 1, 10, 25, 40, and 100GbE switching to address the shift to next-generation multi-rate, open-enabled architectures, these solutions gives the power to transform network and accelerate data-center innovation with simplified, high-capacity network fabrics.


The new flexible, open networking (ON) products help enterprise customers move toward software-defined networks and prepare for the future-ready data center. Open networking is inherent to Dell Networking's strategy.

Dell is supporting this shift to a modern network by delivering network switches for every area of the enterprise and providing state-of-the-art service to ensure businesses can support growing bandwidth demands and address the challenges associated with scalability and network management. The range of switching speeds (1-100GbE) offered provides customers flexibility for the life of their technology investment. Designed to ease network fabric orchestration and automation, Dell Open Networking switch solutions are cost-effective, easy to deploy and provide a clear path to software-defined networking.


Arpit Joshipura, Product Management and Strategy, Dell Networking, (pictured), said: "The new products announced offer customers complete flexibility to take advantage of open networking environments and new computing models as well as the revenue streams these network infrastructures will allow, these advancements are another example of Dell helping our customers to future proof and accelerate the financial and performance rewards the software-defined data center promises."



Dell's latest-generation switches reaffirm the company's commitment to moving beyond proprietary stacks to customer-centric open architectures. These switches support the Open Network Install Environment (ONIE) to allow for a zero-touch install of all pre-qualified operating systems, including Dell Networking OS9 and third party options.

Manish Gupta, Director, Enterprise Solutions Group, Dell India, commented: "Traditional networking solutions does not offer the flexibility networking managers required today to address industry trends Social, Mobility, Cloud and Analytics which have increased the bandwidth requirements and workloads of datacenters. Dell has always provided customers with solutions that are technologically advanced and that are optimized for today's software defined datacenter requirements. The new products announced today are designed to offer scalability, address bandwidth requirements of today's datacenters and enable them to take advantage of the open networking environments." 


  • Dell Networking Z9100 is a state-of-the-art 100GbE fabric switch in a 1RU fixed form factor for aggregation and access layers, and offers multi-rate switching (10/25/40/50/100GbE).



  • The Dell Networking S4048 is a low-latency 10/40GbE Top-of-Rack (ToR) switch designed for the software-defined data center. With advanced features supporting large hardware tables, VXLAN and expanding buffering, it is designed for Web and Cloud service providers with Linux and open source-heavy environments. 



  • The Dell Networking S3048 is built for efficiency and performance and is useful for enterprise and mid-market customers with an existing 1GbE installed base. It is Dell's first entry into 1GbE open networking switching.



Dell also announced IP Infusion (@IPInfusion), Inc. as a new ecosystem partners in support of its Open Networking initiative. IP Infusion, a leading provider of intelligent network software for telecom and data communications  services,today announced a distribution agreement with Dell which offers OcNOSTM, the first, full-featured network operating system for data center and enterprise networking, that will deliver affordable MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) virtualization with Dell Open Networking switches, IP Infusion software and worldwide support. Under this partnership, Dell will resell the OcNOS network operating system running on Dell's high performance Open Networking switches.



Kiyo Oishi, CEO and president of IP Infusion, added:  "As enterprises and service providers see the promise of SDN-based network data centres, they are requiring the flexibility, extensive enterprise and data centre feature sets, high degree of scalability and modularity that OcNOS provides. By collaborating with Dell, customers will have a key tool in their toolbox to create large-scale data centres which are much faster, simpler and more affordable than current solutions."

Nate Foster, Assistant Professor, Cornell University, has said: "As part of our research on next-generation networks, we have been exploring open-source based architectures which free us from proprietary, monolithic networking. Our partnership with Dell and their approach to OCP-derived Open Networking has accelerated our research and provided us with a flexible platform for experimenting with and ultimately deploying our ideas on real hardware." 

John Fruehe, senior analyst, Moor Insights & Strategy, added: "Dell is finding new ways to help reduce complexity in networking. The Dell Networking Z9100 is a ‘Swiss Army knife' of connectivity that makes it suitable for almost any environment. Additionally, with open networking becoming standard on products going forward, the complexity of buying and deploying across a wide range of environments has been greatly simplified." 



Dell transitioned to a private company in 2013. One intention of that move was to release the company from quarterly results pressure that are typical of publicly held companies to make required changes to maintain and increase its competitive capabilities, as well as increase its focus on innovating for its customers. Dell has demonstrated a willingness to broaden its product and service offerings, while focusing on information technology-related initiatives.



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