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Salesforce Celebrates Perfect 10

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DateThursday, July 08, 2010

Salesforce Celebrates Perfect 10

Cloud Computing Company Employing 200 People in Ireland Celebrates its Tenth Year's Chairman of EMEA, Steve Garnett. Says Ireland has played a key role in the success of the company over the last ten was founded with a bold vision for "The End of Software" and it was an even bolder vision when three Irish Oracle executives, Fergal Gloster, David Dempsey and John Appleby took the plunge and approached founder Marc Benioff early in 2000 to establish the company in Europe.



After months of negotiating, a deal was done and moved into a small rented office and began canvassing Europe. At the time, the concept of on-demand applications were new to UK and Irish business and totally alien to major European countries such as France, Germany and Holland. Today, from their HQ in Sandyford Business Park, the company employs 200 people.



The news comes on the back of several announcements in American Independence week, where the American Chamber of Commerce in Ireland claims that there are some 100,000 people employed by the 600 or so US firms in Ireland. (more)



Dr Steve Garnett, (pictured) chairman, EMEA, said, “Ireland has played a key role in the success of over the past decade. We are delighted to celebrate the tenth anniversary of our offices in Dublin.  We believe the skill levels, flexibility and commitment of our Irish employees has been key to our success and Ireland continues to be a highly attractive location for high tech industries.”


He added, “Companies are looking to maximise business benefit rapidly.  The cloud computing model offers companies low up-front investment and the flexibility to scale up or down as business needs dictate all without the upfront capital expenditure and delay required with traditional software and client server computing.”



An Aspiring Read for Any Web or Cloud Entrepreneur - Behind the Cloud is Available HereToday, only Dempsey remains in in Dublin as EMEA VP of Operations and Customer Adoption. Gloster moved on and has founded Thomond Technology, a company that advises on Cloud Computing, and Appleby is now CEO and Chairman of Wicklow-based Saaspoint which provides Apps and consultancy for customers. But the company’s cloud computing model has enabled new levels of success for more than 2 million net paying subscribers at 77,300 companies around the world, and spurred a new industry of cloud computing providers.


The next phase in its Cloud Computing model is being driven from the changes that are driving the consumer web. The impact of Social Networking and Collaboration, New Mobile Devices like the iPad, and the drive for real-time information are changing business expectations, the same way they have changed consumer ones. 





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