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Chatter Force Sales

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DateTuesday, June 22, 2010

Chatter Force Sales Switches On the Chatter Enabling Private Social Interaction & Communication for Users

 has announced the general availability of Salesforce Chatter, a Cloud 2 app which leverages the social features popularized by Facebook, Google and Twitter such as profiles, status updates and real-time feeds. Its 77,000 customers can now not only follow colleagues within their company, but also collaborate on account and contact records within the Salesforce application, sharing documents etc in realtime. claim Chatter is the industry's first cloud-based enterprise social collaboration application and platform, and it unleashes the social enterprise and a new way to work for people around regardless of their location. With Chatter, employees and teams get immediate insight into their company's programs, projects, people, customers, cases, documents and business data that is pushed to them, delivering new levels of social intelligence.




It was launched in private beta in February, 2010 to 100 companies, and according to the company received rave reviews and was ultimately expanded to more than 5,000 customers due to overwhelming demand. Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO, has pioneered some exciting developments in the Cloud since 1999. But according to him Salesforce Chatter is the most exciting thing he's worked on in his career! He said "Delivering Chatter is a seminal moment and one that marks the arrival of Cloud 2."



Companies are making the shift to Cloud 2, the next generation of enterprise cloud computing which is social, mobile and real time. Cloud 2 started with consumer social networking sites like Facebook, Google and Twitter that people use everyday to be connected in their personal lives. Until Chatter, companies could not leverage Cloud 2 capabilities within their enterprise. Now, all of's customers can harness the same immediacy and productivity of these consumer apps, coupled with the trust, security and scalability required by the enterprise, to realize tremendous success with enterprise social collaboration.




Built on the platform, Chatter has opened up an entirely new economy for's 1300 partners and 250,000 developers who are moving swiftly to take advantage of the burgeoning Cloud 2 economy. In April, launched the ChatterExchange to broaden the solutions customers can try and buy from the AppExchange to extend the benefits of cloud computing with social-enabled enterprise technologies. The partner and developer community has already responded to this new innovation opportunity and delivered more than 60 collaboration apps that are now listed on the ChatterExchange. The innovation potential further demonstrates the platform's five times faster and half the cost advantage over .NET and other software platforms. developers can build collaboration apps by adding capabilities like status updates, profiles, and real-time feeds to their custom cloud apps, and enable each one of the more than 160,000 custom applications to instantly become social, real time and accessible on mobile devices like the iPad and iPhone.




License to Chatter

Additionally, a new offering has been made available to customers. A Chatter license now alllows for customers to extend the enterprise social network to non-Salesforce users company wide, unlocking market potential for With the Chatter-only license, employees can use the Chatter features, including profiles, status updates,

feeds, content and file-sharing, groups, ideas, read-only access to Accounts and Contacts, and limited access to the platform.



Loic Le Meur, founder and CEO, Seesmic said "We're using Chatter at Seesmic to collaborate around business development. We are so addicted to the productivity and real-time insights we're getting from Chatter that we want it integrated to our Seesmic Desktop and other products which we are planning this year. Chatter is a game changer for managing your company."



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